In 2015, Alex served as National Geographic Explorer Carlton Ward Jr.'s photography intern on the "Glades to Gulf" Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition. This 70 day, 1,000 mile hiking, biking and kayaking trek from the Green Swamp to Pensacola raised awareness for the Florida Wildlife Corridor; a patchwork of connected public and private lands running from the Everglades north to the Okefenokee Swamp and west to Gulf Islands National Seashore, and the continued need for their protection. Alex was the production assistant for the resulting award-winning documentary, "The Forgotten Coast: Return to Wild Florida", directed by Eric Bendick.

Also in 2015, Alex helped Ward to document The Great Florida Cattle Drive, a historical reenactment of how Florida ranchers and cattlemen used to drive cattle across the state. Alex was a contributing cinematographer for the resulting documentary, "The Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles", directed by Elam Stoltzfus.

From 2016 to 2017, Alex worked as a field assistant for Ward helping to tell the story of the Florida panther and its conservation struggles through his project, "Path of the Panther". She served primarily as a remote camera trap and field photography assistant.

In 2018, Alex joined the Florida Wildlife Corridor team again, this time as the logistics and outreach coordinator for the "Heartland to Headwaters" Expedition. This mini-trek lasted 7 days and traversed a fragile and imperiled part of the Florida Wildlife Corridor from the Disney Wilderness Preserve under Interstate 4 into Orlando. Alex was the associate producer for the resulting documentary, "The Last Green Thread", directed by Danny Schmidt and Eric Bendick.

In 2020, Alex embarked on her biggest adventure to date. She was brought on as the expedition leader for a seven-day, seventy-mile hiking, biking, and kayaking expedition leading three high school students through the wild of Palm Beach County, FL. This trek marked Alex's transition from filmmaking support to on-camera talent, as she was the primary leader and narrator for the PBS film "Hidden Wild" which premiered on south Florida PBS in January of 2021 and is available for streaming online through NRS. This expedition was designed to connect the three urban students to the unseen wild in their own backyards.